Friday, October 12, 2007

And Now For Something Completely Different


What, I can only take pictures of dogs? The view from the deck last September. Scroll down for more dog photos. Trust me, they're there.


CastoCreations said...

Oh this blog makes me have tears! Those doggy photos are beautiful and make me want to run home and cuddle with my babies. Thank you for leaving those kind words at my blog. It's really hard seeing my baby boy in pain. He was my first real dog (I used to be scared of all dogs...but it's hard to be scared of a 14 pound fluff ball) and seeing him in pain just breaks my heart.

And glad to know someone else in Washington is addicted to Rachel L! LOL Gotta love her! :)

I'll definitely bookmark your blog. Your other one cracked me up too!

DammitWomann said...

Beautiful pix!